Thursday, 16 August 2012


8 fishing vessels leaving the harbour at 1 AM for 5 hours midnight sun fishing competition

Tromsø International Deep Sea Angling Competition took place in july 2012 outside Sommarøy, Tromsø.
The weather was perfect, and I am pleased to show you som of my pictures from the competition. Onboard the M/V "BigFisher" we were three anglers - Kurt Andreassen, Tromsø Deep Sea Angling Club, Kjell Torbjørnsen, Stavanger HK and Morten Willumsen, Tromsø Deep Sea Angling Club and skipper.
After 5 hours of fishing at night in midnight sun and flat water  from 2 AM till 7 AM we had filled all boxes and the deck space with big sei ( pollock). More than 1200 kg of sei - 22 full boxes - was delivered to the fish plant at Sommarøy. All the income from the fish is given to Tromsø Deep sea Angling Club - an important contribution to the administration of the club.

M/V " Trålfisk" of Sommarøy steaming out

M/V "Anemone" of Tromsø with skipper Marcus
The Island Håja outside Kvaløy - the sun is under the horizon
"BigFisher" filled with fish after 5 hours of fishing
On the way back home -22 full boxes of fish - time for peeing after hard battle
time for relaxing after unoading the fish

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Many Nice Halibut catches outside Tromsø this summer.
This summer has been cold and clouded, but the fishing around Tromsø has been very good. A lot of nice Halibut-catches, but also big sei and big cod.
My experience is that the autumn is the best period for the big Halibuts, and "BigFisher" is prepared for ther big catches.
This autumn we are going for the 100 + halibuts - Burkhards champagne from Bad
Berleburg is still waiting onboard the "BigFisher".
"Fishin' is the mission "
Skipper Morten and my friend Guenter Storr with a nice catch this summer
My friends Andres and Guenter are very happy also  with a small catches
The memory plate to the honour of my good friend - the fishing guide Burkhard who lost his life in a car accident..  The memory plate was put up on a rock on the Kirkegårdsøya just outside Finnkroken, and I visited the memory place this summer together with Burkhards sister Gudrun and her husband Carsten.

The summer has been very busy for me - changing one of the engines on the "BigFisher" and building a new sauna and room for fishing equipment  at my fishing cabin in Finnkroken.

Looking forward two nice times with good friends out there in the future - the cabin is ready for action !!!

My fishing cabin in Finnkroken with the boathouse and new sauna


Pål Sletten onboard the "BigFisher" reporting the big catch on the way back

M/V " BigFisher" and it's 3 man strong crew made great success at the Tromsø International Deep Sea Fishing Competition in late july 2012. The fishing took place outside Kvaløya, Tromsø, and during ten hours of fishing over two nights with 3 rods we landed more than 2000 kg cod and pollock.

This was new record onboard the "BigFisher", and was also the best average catch on one boat in the history of Tromsø Deep sea Fishing competition.

The last night we could deliver 22 full professional fishboxes to the local fishdealer.
 The income from the fish goes to the Tromsø Deep Sea Fishing Club - good money for the club !!
All the 8 participating boats could deliver around 12000 kg of perfect quality fish from two nights of competition.
36 full boxes on the "BigFisher"  after 10 hours of night fishing outside Kvaløya
Hard work at the fish factory to deliver the catch
Cutting the heads off
Midnight sun fishing is so nice !!!