Sunday, 18 December 2011

Exploring December

December in Tromsø - wonderful light on the sky.

The sun is under the horizon, but indirectly the sun lightens up the sky.
The dominating  colours are black, dark blue and red.

Today the weather was nice, no wind and the temperature around minus 6 degrees Celcius.

I went out with the "BigFisher" in the morning, and made some drifts after halibut north of Tromsø.

Had two strikes, but didn't succeed to catch them
Watch the video from my echosounder - I had some visitors down there - but unfortunately they didn't like my cutbait today.


Nevertheless I had a wonderful day on the sea today. -
And surely not the last trip this year if the weather stays like this.

Sunday, 11 December 2011


I have been questioned by a reader of my blog about my attitude to C&R.

Many serious  tourist anglers practice C&R , and I appreciate that they are doing this when fishing in the Halibut Kingdom outside Tromsø.
Peronally I practice C&R from time to time, but not always.
Some bad weather

As a norwegian citizen I am allowed to bring with me back home more than 15 kg fishfillet  for eating and I am also authorized to deliver fish to the local fish factory.

Among the local fishermen up here C&R has not been usual. Since I was a small boy I have been fishing and taken care of the catches for food. When I could bring back home a lot of nice fishes, my mother was very happy and shared the fish with family and friends.
Some nice weather too

Anyway- Many of the big fishes we catch onboard the "BigFisher" are measured and set back into the water.
After having landed one of the big halibuts, it is a very good feeling to see the predator swim back and fulfil it's mission making many halibut-babies.
Some nice fishes

But from time to time after hard drills some big fishes are severely hurted and has to be taken care of.

I appreciate very much that also foreign anglers feel responsibility to contribute to take care of the norwegian  fish resources .
The city Tromsø - capitol in the Halibut Kingdom

This year has been a very good season for halibut fishing - hopefully next year will be even better.

Look forward to see all of you up here - it's a paradise for nice fishes !!!

 I wish all friends and bloggers a Merry Christmas and a good New Year !!

Wintertime in North Norway - the sun is under the horizon