Sunday, 23 October 2011


Tromsø Deep Sea Angling Club
KIM - the Halibut Expert

Together with friends from TDSAC we had a nice fishing trip last Saturday the 22.10.2011. In a beautiful weather we started onboard M/V "BigFisher" from Skattøra Marina early in the morning.
We left harbour early in the morning
Beautiful day onboard the "BigFisher"
We were three boats together, and headed out to the halibut kingdom outside Tromsø. Outside the coast it was calm conditions, no wind and the sun was shining from a blue sky. Cant't be better at this time of the year :-))))
Onboard the "Bigfisher" we landed two Halibuts - one small and one beauty at 138 cm / 30,6 kg -  nice catch by Kim - the " halibut Expert "!!
Nice Halibut 138 cm

For me it was not the last trip this year - next week I will go hunting the BIG ones for THREE DAYS  together with good angling friends.
Going home after a nice day of fishing

Sunday, 16 October 2011



This weekend we had heavy rain and stormy weather from west and south-west - and the planned clubtrip with the Tromsø Deep Sea Angling Club had to be cancelled due to the bad weather.

I was so keen on halibutfishing, so Saturday morning  together with Henrik and Sunny we decided to make a try in the sheltered waters around Kvaløyvågen in Kvalsund,
We tried in the opening of Kvalsund outside Seiholla without luck, and decided to try Skagøysund. It was some wind - but not too bad for the BigFisher.
Henrik lost a nice Halibut there, and when it was getting dark the wind from west increased and instead of doing  a very inconvenient trip against the waves back to Kvalsund we went north and found shelter for the night in Vargsundet beetween Rebenessøy and Hersøy.
During the night we had heavy rain and gale conditions.
Sunday morning we went out to Grøtøysund to check the conditions. It was heavy wind and rain, but inspite of this we had a rough and wonderful day of fishing out there.
After a nice drill I caught a 120 cm halibut ,  and Henrik hooked a big one that broke his strong line after a short fight. Possibly this was a 100 + fish that we have been hunting for out here.

A lot of water on deck this weekend
To avoid the bad weather from west we went north of Ringvassøy and through Langsund to get back to Tromsø.  In Tromsø the weather was nice and calm with temperature of 9 degrees C- not bad in the middle of October.
A wonderful weekend !!!

Friday, 14 October 2011


M/V "BigFisher" ready for halibut-action
The weather forecast is no good this weekend - rain, strong winds from southwest and heavy rain. But still I believe it is possible to go fishing in the more sheltered areas around Kvaløyvågen.

Maybe the halibuts enjoy bad weather !!!

Look forward to an exciting weekend on  M/V  "BigFisher"
Fishin' is the mission !!

Friday, 7 October 2011


My good friends Gunter Storr (left) and
Burkhard Plichta (right)

Hav og Fjell and Nordic Sea Angling Fishing-Guide Burkhard Plichta lost his life in a tragic car-accident the of October 2010 .

Today - one year after the accident I still remember your friendly smile and  miss our good friendship very much. We had many good fishing experiences together.
And I am sure about this -
Sooner or later we meet again !

Rest in peace-dear friend !

Sunday, 2 October 2011


My reliable friend - a young and beautiful eagle
Made a nice trip yesterday on M/V "BigFisher" together with Sunny and Henrik outside Rebbenesøy. Beautiful weather during the day - rain and some shifting winds in the afternoon. It's nice to watch the incredible wild  nature at this time of the year -  earlier this week it was heavy storms out there.
But the halibuts are still active :-)))
Two of them had to follow us back home for dinner- sorry friends - no Catch and Release today !!
My eagle-friends were watching us - it's always good to visit your beautiful environment.

October is  still a virgin - and it's still time for more adventures out there !!
Still time to go !!
Sorry Jimmy -Today : Catch and Deepfreeze